October 24th

Daniel did a ‘poo’ in his diaper. I said, shall we ‘scissor paper stone’ to see who should clean it up? You refused. Instead, your response was ‘It’s definitely not me’.

Backdate entry for Batam trip on 7-8th October 2017

You had a couple of outbursts and tantrums in the Nagoya Shopping Mall. You had trouble handling D and got frustrated and angry. At the end of the trip you said that you do not ever want to be alone with D until he is much older, I believe you said until 5 years later.

21st Oct and 22nd Oct

Saturday 21 Oct

There was a children’s birthday party. The date and timings were communicated well advance. I suggested that you wake up at 10am at the latest, as the party was meant to start at 10:30am. By 10:30am you were still in bed, so I told you that I was leaving first with D, and that you can come join us when you wake up. At 1:30pm at the party, I called you, but you said you were still in bed. In the end, you didn’t come to the party after all. This is a loss of face for me as we had already RSVPed that you would attend. Even after you couldn’t wake up, I told others that you would join in when you wake up. After that, I told you I could not take it anymore, and that you needed to see a therapist next week. YOU AGREED.
Sunday 22 Oct
You wanted to go to the beach. I said we need an early start. You said you would wake up at 9:30am. By 10:00am, you were still sleeping. I am annoyed just waiting for you, not knowing if you will actually wake up, what time, what the plans would be, and whether you would be in a positive or a foul mood. This in effect is hours of stress. At 11:45am, you seem to finally stir. Finally at 1pm, you are ready to leave the house. Many hours wasted. But I should be grateful that your mood is fine.
I feel myself getting pulled down by your depression.

October 17th, 2017

Before dinner, you said that we should go out later. So after dinner, I said ‘let’s go’. At Suntec City, you were in a difficult foul mood, had no suggestions on what to do, where to go, sulky and complainy. Specific things you said

‘I’m so tired!’

‘You guys suck the energy out of me!’

‘I’m depressed!’